Embracing Innovation

Nowadays, companies of every size seek innovation. We are constantly sharing and offering strategic advice by leveraging knowledge across our clients in many industry verticals. We can help ensure your company is utilizing current technologies and staying ahead of the curve.

A high-performing team

We’ve built our company organically, with a strong team culture that has stuck with us as we’ve grown. Headquartered in Boston with offices in San Francisco, we’re independent and profitable, with our customers as our only investors. Each day we come together to listen to our customers, solve problems and continue to improve our service.


We are focused on continuous improvement in everything that we do. Listening and learning from each other and from our clients is crucial to our success.

Frank A, IT Engineer

Frank is always looking for new tech to jump into. He enjoys meeting new people, tasting new beers and experiencing new things. In his free time, Frank can often be found running or playing video games.

Bharat B, IT Engineer

Bharat enjoys learning new technologies, working with systems and networks and keeping IT infrastructure highly available. He loves meeting new people and helping them resolve thorny IT issues. Outside of work, he likes listening to music, photography, traveling and gaming!

Julia C, IT Engineer

Julia came to BITS from a technical support role in a retail environment. She’s (self-proclaimed) the ultimate people-pleaser, and always pushes that extra mile to guarantee satisfaction – she won’t sleep soundly with a problem unsolved.

Taylor C, IT Engineer

Taylor loves IT with a dogged persistence, second only to his loves of weightlifting and video games. He is always looking for new ways to improve IT infrastructure.

Chris G, IT Engineer

Chris comes from a long career at a greeting card manufacturer and distributor. He has experience with ERP and warehouse systems, as well as supporting professionals working in the graphic arts. Outside of working hours, he can often be found at minor league hockey games or catering to the needs of his Springer Spaniels.

Alyssa H, IT Operations Coordinator

Alyssa handles our invoicing and purchasing departments – please reach out to Alyssa with any invoicing inquiries.

Joe M, Cloud/DevOps Engineer
Erik O, Senior Cloud/DevOps Engineer

Erik is a fanatic for Linux and cloud-hosted IT resources. He spends most of his time learning how to take his Linux skills to greater heights, and applying that to large-scale infrastructure projects.

Lorelei O, Sr. IT Engineer

Lorelei loves problem solving and taking on new projects with clients, leading them to the best solution for their environment. Outside of work, Lorelei spends her time working with horses and dogs at the barn or the local animal shelter.

Neil S, IT Engineer

Neil addresses every issue with a level head and a positive attitude. He brings a wealth of experience and a new perspective to IT issues.

Jim Stewart, Founder

Jim is the founder of Boston IT Services. Jim brings more than 20 years of IT experience to BITS. He has an extensive background in IT and information security, as a CISSP. He has worked in financial services companies including ManuLife, Citizens Financial, RBS and Fidelity. He has also been a founding member in IT of numerous tech and biotech startups around Boston. Jim’s goal is to help others succeed. He enjoys spending time with his four girls and two crazy dogs.

Dana T, Sr. IT Engineer

Dana loves to bond with clients, and balances his time between solving their IT issues and helping them to feel valued as members of their company’s community. He works hard to ensure that everyone’s problem is heard and resolved.

Peter W, Technical Operations Manager

Peter can’t stop talking about IT, and he challenges anyone to try and stop him. He works on IT-related projects in his spare time and knows all the trends in technology. He is great at reassuring clients with his positive attitude and focus.

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