Laptop Provisioning

The latest System is fully configured, Security Requirements Met In 24 hours. That’s BITS.


We are a Laptop Solutions Provider (LSP). Our vision is to eliminate the managerial headaches of laptop procurement by delivering fully loaded systems in 24 hours. Starting on day one, each employee is 100% productive, no matter where or how they work.

What we do

Why Us


BITS is the only Laptop Solution Provider (LSP) offering 24-hour shipping for new-hire setup. From the time you give us your requirements - from credentials, to security needs, to compliance - we're on the job. No wondering, no logistical hassles, just productive employees.


Laptops are the lifeblood of your productivity, and it's no small matter putting them in someone else's hands. Over 100+ of our customers trust us because we listen, honor their requirements, and meet their deadlines.


Your needs continue to change as health and environmental conditions fluctuate. We solve the problem by flexing with you. We set up workstations in corporate offices & shared spaces - and even deliver to homes. Wherever your employees are, we are, too.

24-Hour Laptop Delivery

What We Do: Your Laptop Solutions Provider (LSP)

With over a decade of experience servicing 100+ clients, BITS has the technical depth and logistical know-how to support corporate, remote, and home offices for companies of all industries, sizes, and global geographies.

better collaboration between teams

Lifecycle Services

We offer cradle-to-grave asset management. Employees want the latest hardware with the most current applications so they can be successful in their jobs. You want consistent IT management that doesn’t vary from one device to the next. BITS offers consistency through lifecycle management programs, so your company doesn’t fall behind.

How We Work

Emergencies happen, and we deliver when they do. But it doesn’t have to be an emergency to take advantage of BITS. If you are a growing company, deploying laptops to new hires can be a challenge – we can help streamline the process and ensure all your security requirements are met.

What we do

What We Value


Your time is valuable, and we want to give it back to you. The HR, financial, technical and logistical details necessary to acquire a laptop is enormously time consuming. So let us do it. BITS makes system setup easy and fast.


We hire real people - people who are not only gifted at IT, but are also understanding and respectful. They are patient and listen not only to you, but also to your staff.


Your company has a goal - the possibilities of which are endless. BITS sees your possibilities, too, and can help make them a reality with ongoing IT support.