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Boston IT Services (BITS) has worked with Biotech and Life Science companies in Boston and Cambridge for over 15 years – we have helped many biotech clients launch from their initial startup phases, developing a lab and IT infrastructure, all the way to companies going public or being bought by a larger entity. BITS was instrumental in developing all the lab IT infrastructure and data storage for many Biotechs including Array Biopharma, Pfizer and Ziopharm – BITS has managed the entire tech stack in many of the new Biotech startups around Boston – from cyber security networks and wifi to cloud / AWS or Azure infrastructure and employee onboarding / offboarding including device provisioning an support of applications and laptops. We can take your Biotech to new levels of IT support and security while keeping an eye on cost. Our Biotech clients over the years have remarked that we are really a critical part of their team. We have worked with many innovative Biotechs including Biotechs and Biopharmas around the world that have expanded to the US – from France, the UK, Israel and Czech – we enjoy working with companies from around the world to help this important research and development work in Biotech and Biopharma.

One of our most notable collaborations in the Biotech and Life Sciences field has been with Ziopharm, a leading bioengineering company based in Cambridge. When Ziopharm approached us, they were in their nascent stages, grappling with IT complexities and cybersecurity threats. Our role was to streamline their IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth technological functionality that matched their innovative pace of work.

We began by overhauling their existing IT framework, working with their team to integrate cutting-edge cybersecurity measures, and establishing a robust cloud infrastructure using AWS and other data storage technologies in the lab. Furthermore, we implemented a seamless employee onboarding and offboarding system that included device provisioning and application and laptop support.

As a result of our solutions, Ziopharm experienced significant improvements in their productivity and security. Their IT processes were not only robust but also scalable, allowing them to accommodate their rapid growth. The company has since gained international recognition for their bioengineering solutions and continues to thrive under a secure and efficient IT infrastructure.

Our work with Ziopharm is a testament to our expertise and dedication to supporting the growth and security of Biotech and Life Science companies. We look forward to fostering more such partnerships and contributing to advancements in this critical field.

Another notable collaboration is with AbVitro, a biopharmaceutical company committed to developing new cancer therapies. When AbVitro approached us, they were seeking a robust IT solution that would align with their fast-paced research and development efforts. We helped Abvitro by providing comprehensive IT support, implementing a secure cloud infrastructure, and introducing advanced cybersecurity and networking measures to safeguard their sensitive data in the US. We also developed an efficient system for employee onboarding and offboarding, ensuring seamless transitions without compromising security or productivity. The outcome was a significant enhancement in their IT efficiency, enabling them to focus more on their core mission – innovating for a cancer free world. AbVitro was later acquired by Juno and Celgene. Our partnership with Abvitro underlines our commitment to supporting biotech and life science companies in during R&D as well as acquisition phases, with superior IT solutions.

Our collaboration with Selux Diagnostics further illustrates our competence in delivering top-tier IT solutions to life science companies. Selux Diagnostics, an innovative biotech company, is revolutionizing the medical field with their advanced diagnostic tools. They reached out to us for an IT infrastructure that could provide the agility and security they needed for their ground-breaking work. We delivered an end-to-end solution – from the deployment of a highly secure cloud-based system to the implementation of advanced cybersecurity measures and helping them come up with a hardware standard to launch their first client devices. Furthermore, we introduced an effective IT system for managing the hiring and departure of employees, thereby ensuring a secure and seamless workflow. Our collaboration led to Selux Diagnostics’ overall IT efficiency and productivity, allowing them to concentrate on their primary mission: to revolutionize patient care through their innovative diagnostic solutions.

Continuing our journey in the life sciences sector, we had the opportunity to work with Array BioPharma, a renowned biopharmaceutical company that was later acquired by Pfizer. Array BioPharma was at the forefront of developing cutting-edge pharmaceutical products aimed at combating complex diseases. The company needed an IT infrastructure that could keep pace with their rapidly evolving needs while ensuring the utmost protection for their proprietary research data. We stepped in with a comprehensive IT solution, from deploying a robust and scalable cloud system to integrating stringent cybersecurity measures. With the implementation of a secure and efficient IT system, Array BioPharma was able to accelerate their research work seamlessly. Their acquisition by Pfizer, a global pharmaceutical leader, further underscores the value and quality of their work – a mission we were proud to support through our IT services.

The next chapter of our journey in the life sciences sector brought us to EUSA Pharmaceuticals, a global pharmaceutical company based out of the UK and specializing in oncology and rare disease products. EUSA Pharmaceuticals’ mission to make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives worldwide necessitated a robust IT infrastructure capable of supporting their extensive research and development initiatives while ensuring the highest level of data security. We rose to the occasion, managing state-of-the-art IT solutions that were both efficient and secure. From implementing a high-capacity onboarding system to managing advanced cybersecurity measures, we were able to offer an IT environment in Boston that matched EUSA Pharmaceuticals’ global reach and ambitious goals. Our collaboration helped to streamline their operations and safeguard their valuable research data, enabling EUSA Pharmaceuticals to focus on its core objective: to develop innovative products that bring hope and improve the quality of life for patients around the world. These are just a few examples of BITS’ continued IT solutions work in the Biotech/Life Science fields.

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