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We serve clients in a wide array of industries

We partner with clients and IT consultants internationally. Please inquire for references or a sampling of our clients.

High Tech

From self-driving cars to 3D printing devices and precision robotics, BITS has supplied our High Tech clients with all the security and technical expertise needed to implement systems quickly and reliably.


Many of our clients are in the Biotech and Life Sciences field. Many exceptional companies have started out of Cambridge and Boston, and BITS has been their technical IT/MSP partner of choice.


BITS has served Biopharma companies, from startup to the largest Biopharma companies who have acquired startups around Boston, including Pfizer and Sanofi.


Every startup has challenges - over our 20 years in business, BITS has worked with dozens of startup firms and company founders. We have the ability to scale up and down using startup budget dollars wisely.


BITS manages technology for many non-profit clients in the Boston, Cambridge and San Francisco areas. We enjoy working for great causes, locally and around the globe. BITS Non-profit clients receive discounts on many of our IT services and partner company subscriptions.


Many industry consultants, large and small, rely on BITS for day-to-day support, employee onboarding/offboarding, cyber security and general tech strategy/advice.

Real Estate

When the deal needs to go through on time, BITS is here to support your real estate firm, providing proactive advice and personalized, reliable support on an as needed basis.


BITS has built and managed complex IT infrastructure, including local and cloud-based server technologies, needed in many local manufacturing facilities. We have also supplied high-speed redundant security, VPNs and global data center services hosted in AWS and Azure for Manufacturers who require access to information, engineering/design systems and high speed connectivity around the globe.


BITS works with architecture firms and building/construction project managers to support IT and business operations with their unique needs.


Numerous small creative, design, marketing and advertising firms have relied on BITS over the years for reliable, budget-minded IT services and support.


Over the years, BITS has been involved in supplying cloud hosted custom systems and cyber security work to government agencies. BITS helped supply infrastructure, connectivity and security to Uber and Lyft's government background check systems.

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