Managed Cybersecurity

secure your data with boston it services

Meet or exceed data security standards in a cost-effective way

Information security involves so much more than anti-virus software. At Boston IT Services, your company’s data security is at the top of our priority list. All our services place special emphasis on information security.  

Our managed cybersecurity services can include a thorough information security audit of your existing IT infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities, and recommending appropriate fixes to ensure your data is safe. We’ll compare your current IT infrastructure against industry data security standards and help you meet or exceed those standards in a cost-effective way. 

Better security systems

Minimizing the risk of human error

Some of the most serious threats to information security come from human error: employees who haven’t been properly trained or policies that aren’t up to date or aren’t appropriately enforced. At Boston IT Services, our managed cybersecurity services we can help you create systems and processes that minimize the risk of human error. All it takes is one uninformed click on a phishing email or a careless note with a password on it left lying around, and your entire company could be at risk. We’ll help you enable systems that prevent that from happening. 

Let us ensure your data is protected from infiltration, data breaches, unauthorized access, or breakdowns in procedure.

Ensuring data security in the cloud is more important than ever

Beyond human error are vulnerabilities in systems that haven’t been regularly updated, patches that weren’t installed, or upgrades that failed to complete. Ensuring data security in the cloud is more important than ever, as more and more of your operations and data reside there. Controlling access, identifying threats and blocking them, and preventative measures that cripple the efforts of cybercriminals are a critical part of your cloud operations.